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In this workshop, we will delve into use cases and case studies that show how modern MXDR services leverage AI and apply a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s environment, for a more collaborative approach. 

Learn how AI — combined with human intelligence — allows a modern MXDR service provider to: 

  • Provide deeper levels of insight into customers' organizational ecosystems
  • Understand customers' assets, applications and infrastructure
  • Enable proactive security measures to help prevent attacks

Additionally, you'll learn how AI understands your environment and can help optimize Microsoft Defender to prioritize alerts and response actions, allowing you to take more effective preventive actions.

We will also show attendees how AI can assist modern MXDR providers to make informed decisions so they can take proactive actions on behalf of their customers. All to enhance a customer's security posture, optimize defender behavior and streamline security operations.

How the Right MXDR Provider Can Leverage AI to Better Understand Your Environment


Drew Perry
Chief Innovation Officer